Operational Excellence

Operational excellence aims to make improvements throughout an organisation through leadership, teamwork and problem-solving. It also aims to achieve results that can be measured – in terms of time, money and employee involvement.

Magnificent’s employees play an active part throughout the change process – from the preliminary analysis through implementation to review. This work consists of four key components:

Taking control of processes

We clarify processes, the allocation of responsibility and management models and communicate these processes to employees.

Establishing a continuous improvement process

We establish tools and methods, such as those from Lean and Six Sigma, to identify, prioritize and implement changes.

Enabling internal transfer of knowledge and experience

We create structures to improve knowledge within organisations about best practice and how to implement the improvement process.

Involving all managers and employees

We generate involvement at all levels of an organisation so that improvements become established and energies are focused on the right things.

Methodology and certification

We use proven methods in our work and our consultants are certified in: ADKAR, Lean and Six Sigma.