Magnificent skills development
– training and courses

Customized training

An important part of our work is ensuring that change is accepted and supported within organisations – so that no further assistance is required from us. For this to work in practice, the level of skills among key personnel and certain departments of an organisation often need to be strengthened. We therefore often provide customized training within the scope of our projects:

We have three different approaches to our work with skills development:

Learning-by-doing is the simplest form of skills development where you work together with our consultants to learn the necessary skills.

Customized courses are beneficial when there is a need to substantially increase the level of skills and ensure that key personnel are able to carry out this work themselves in the future. We customize training based on the needs and level of skills in your organisation.

Train-the-trainer is required if key personnel are not only expected to carry out the work themselves, but also to pass on the skills to other members of staff. This includes specialist knowledge of training methods, educational structures and training material.

All training activities are planned based on your requirements and are customized so that they contribute directly to generating measurable results in your organisation.

Magnificent Academy

Magnificent Academy is an open curriculum of courses and training within our field.

Our consultants have significant experience in educational and academic training, ensuring high-quality courses and effective teaching. The Head of Course is Nils Randrup, who also teaches on the MBA program at AVT Business School in Copenhagen.