Change Management

A successful change project is characterized by clear targets and a well-defined strategy. However change projects will not deliver any results until the need for change has been broken down and anchored with all stakeholders in the organisation.

Magnificent offers both method and experience to lead people, groups and organisations through changes and to reach targets and wanted effects.

Factors for a successful change project are; active and visible leadership from top executives, frequent and straight forward communication about the need for change, a structured approach to handle the people affected by the change, dedicated resources, a dedicated budget for change management and committed employees who are actively involved in the change.

The consultants at Magnificent are certified in ADKAR, a methodology for change management developed by the American R&D company Prosci. Prosci has developed the methodology based on studies of change within over 600 organisations in 65 countries.

We work with three different aspects of change:

As an integrated part of all our assignments: In all our assignments we integrate methodology and knowledge about how effective change processes should be organised. In this way we secure that all our assignments deliver wanted results.

As a change manager in our customers’ projects or programs: We reinforce the customer program- and project organisations in the role as change manager and shoulder the responsibility to organise and assure the quality of the change.

By transfer of approach, methodology and knowledge: We support the customers’ organisations to work independently with successful change projects.