TeliaSonera on its new, unified organisation:
“Now everyone is heading in the same direction”

IP services are an important future industry for TeliaSonera.
In order to assert itself in a highly competitive environment, staff work in 13 countries in the same way – and towards the same goal.

The challenge:

Two years ago, TeliaSonera changed its network organisation based on the analysis that it is IP-based services that will be a new source of income for the company.

IP Production, which will provide the various business units with IP services, was given an extremely important role in the company’s future growth strategy. This placed entirely new demands on the company’s 450 employees.

“We had a country-based organisation, in which everyone had their own goals and their own culture. Now we had to become an international unit that would combine forces to achieve a single goal,” says Regina Donato Lundgren, Head of IP Production.

The solution:

In order to achieve a successful outcome, the unit worked with Magnificent on two levels. They established a model for developing joint strategies and goals, and they laid down guidelines as to how to work towards these strategies and goals on a daily basis. The work on developing a joint vision was based on interviews with some 40 employees, as well as a number of workshops. Using the strategic goals as a starting point, two focus areas were identified that were easy to communicate and that could be broken down into relevant goals. The project was followed up with an employee survey while the work was underway.

The result:

The responses revealed a considerable improvement in motivation and willingness to embrace change. Key figures almost doubled during the first year.

Regina Donato Lundgren

Regina Donato Lundgren

“A fantastic result,” says Regina Donato Lundgren.


The project has meant that there is now a structure in place that can handle swift changes.

The work is now continuing.

“We have a Strategy Manager who has taken over this work and we have also established an improvement office that examines our approach in a systematic way. In addition we have ambassadors out in the organisation, working among our employees. So the project is still very much alive,” says Regina Donato Lundgren.

Regina is convinced that the company is earning money as a result of the project.

“The unit is working with future production. We want to be able to produce even more with the resources we have. Efficiency is the most important thing as far as I’m concerned, and I’m convinced that we will achieve it now that everyone is heading in the same direction.

“Magnificent’s strength has been to keep us focused, even at times when it has felt very theoretical and visionary. We have always been capable of getting down to a tangible, practical level,” says Regina Donato Lundgren.