Posten Meddelande:
”We’ve made the sales process much simpler”

The sales department at Posten Meddelande improved both efficiency and quality in customer relations. Now they are a model for other units at Posten that want to implement similar processes.

The challenge:

Competition is getting tougher on the Swedish postal market. The sales department at Posten Meddelande needed to free up more sales time and reduce lead times.

“The interfaces between the various parties involved in our sales process were unclear. The division of responsibility between, for example, sales representatives and sales administrators was unclear and caused unnecessarily long lead times,” says Lena Jansson, Head of Customer and Quality at Posten Meddelande.

Furthermore the sales representatives suffered from lack of support, which meant that they were forced to rely on personal contacts instead of standardised processes and procedures.

Magnificent case - Posten MeddelandeThe solution:

Together with Magnificent, Posten Meddelande Sales placed considerable importance on visualising the processes in Posten’s management system.

“Magnificent’s combined experience enabled us to work through our process, while developing a method to work more efficiently with streamlining on an ongoing basis,” says Lena Jansson.

Posten Meddelande Sales has based the work on five different sub-processes detailing the way in which they intend to work with sales planning, new business prospects, marketing activities, sales and customer service. The process has been given a major facelift and is now being presented in the business system in a way that is more user-friendly and easier to understand. All documents that may be of use are gathered under the Sales service in order to facilitate the job of the sales representatives.

The result:

Sales Director Jan Starrsjö has already witnessed the positive effects in practice.

“The number of hits on key pages in our business system has exploded, which means the process and tool are being used much more than they were before,” says Jan Starrsjö, who has also had a number of positive comments from sales staff.

“We’ve made the sales process much simpler, which was an essential prerequisite for ensuring that the process is used to support the work of the sales team.

Lena Jansson believes that the successful work at Posten Meddelande Sales is encouraging other units within Posten to implement similar process projects. There is such an obvious need for clear interfaces. When summarising the most important results, Lena says that there has been a dramatic drop in the number of “grey areas”, as well as a general increase in understanding of the overall business process and the needs of shared customers.

“Magnificent’s strength has been partly their general knowledge of working with processes, but also the fact that they have functioned as both project managers and project resources in specific, concrete areas for improvement.”