Social media – a path for successful results

Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. are all a part of what usually is called social media.

For a long time social medias has taken a lot of our time, some companies even choose to block the access to this type of online media, as it tends to take time from work. Others instead choose to use it as a communication tool with clients and employees. Social media developed for companies use has now emerged, equipped for a company’s needs. One example of this is Yammer, a website functioning as a corporate Facebook.

Whether you use the old-time calendar or the latest Smartphone it’s hard to avoid the social Medias. This is natural if you look to the development in our private and working life where the demands of faster information flows and constant access to information increases.

We on Magnificent see social medias as a tool for co-operation and collaboration, to lead change and get change attached, by always providing the latest information and make sure that the organization is being able to quickly and easily exchange information. That’s why we’ve put together a collaboration platform used both internally but also in projects with customers.

We call this to lead change.